We are not a reading app. rAthe is an Entertainment and Social Networking app in the App Store. These two categories are the top two app categories for downloads.

Free sells. The first Episode of every Title is free to all Readers. Like the blurb of a physical book, the first Episode, along with the hook line and your accompanying cover art will be like delivering your Title directly to the mobile phone of every person on any social media network associated with rAthe.

There is glaring opportunity within a specific mobile app consumer demographic (23 -37-year-old millennial with iPhones), that shows a voracious appetite for passive micro-leisure entertainment. This demographic is seeking stories beyond the audio and video that is already in their daily digital consumption budget.

We have defined this free time as micro-leisure. The term isn’t ours, but the way we have defined it as

Those times when you have stopped one thing, don’t have enough time to start another thing, and have too much time to do nothing.

This leftover slice of time every day is 22-52 minutes in duration. The lesser amount is at the upper age range of the millennial stack. The notion is they probably have children, and therefore less free time.

rAthe brings the pent-up supply and the voracious demand together, monetizing it in an easy, engageable, affordable, adoptable way.

However, this will take time to achieve adoption on a grand scale.