Authors can edit five items that may affect their Episode sales through the Authors Dashboard; 1) hook line, 2) cover art, 3) Magic Words, 4) Search Array, and 5) Title Description.

The hook line is the best way to attract Readers to your story. This is like your Read Me sign that travels with your Episodes.

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so you may want to try changing your cover art.

Search is how Readers will find your work. You can edit and change the emotion evoking categories or Magic Words which categorized your content.

You may also want to change your Search Array as well which equates to index search at the Reader level.

Another modification you may want to consider changing is your Title Description. This 250-word overview of the content is not displayed in the mobile app like the other 4. The description lives in the Library on the website and may attract new readers to the mobile app by way of the SEO value of your hook line which is in both the mobile app and the website Library.