rAthe Search Array

10 word maximum

Performance is tantamount when it come Apps.  It must work and work quickly.  rAthe has taken steps to give our Authors visibility across traditional genres. Which means your story will be seen by readers in multiple emotion evoking categories we call Magic Words based on the words you associated with your content.   

This keyword search function will help the user find information about your story.  They may find those by looking in each category.  We want to insure they find YOUR story without slowing down the app or keeping users waiting depending on how many other people may be searching at that time. 

Our solution is a 10-word search array that will pinpoint common elements of interest of every story to help people find what they are shopping for in a story. 

About your Title (book or short story)

Include a main word from the Title:

Author’s Last Name:                                         Your Name

Descriptor of your character.                           Who they are (problem child) or what they do (famous chef).

Define your story’s time-period.                     You can use a year or a word.  Pre-civil war, or 1940 or present day.   

Define your story’s basic plot or story arc.     Defining a long story in a couple of words isn’t easy, but you are the expert about your book.  

Define your story’s setting.                              Where the story takes place or begins.                                   

Your story’s rAthe Content Rating.                  See Content Ratings

Example Title:                                                     Harry Potter and the Sourcerers Stone

Include a main word from the Title:                 Potter

Author Last Name:                                             Rowling

Descriptor of your character.                            Wizard, Young, Orphan

Define your story’s time-period:                      Mystical, fairytale

Define your story’s basic plot or story arc:      Fantasy,

Define your story’s setting:                               School, Magic            

Your story’s rAthe Content Rating:                  YA